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"A More Perfect Union" - Barack Obama's speech on race

Wednesday, 3/19/2008

Obama delivered this speech with intelligence, eloquence, and blunt honesty - elements sorely missing in the political landscape of today. He called for a frank national dialogue on race that examines the social and economic realities facing all Americans, and urged for unity to solve common problems and achieve mutual goals rather than allowing the nation to succumb to division and cynicism.

This speech was, of course, in the context of addressing the Rev Jeremiah Wright flap. But this was more than political spin and damage control, and his speech went beyond mere idealistic notions by identifying real challenges for our nation. This was a test of character and leadership, and in my opinion, it was handled brilliantly and yet again sets Obama above the standard political fray this election cycle.

The speech is 37 minutes long, but try to find the time to listen if you can. You won't be watching the clock, I promise.

These two links have both video and a transcript of the speech given on March 18.

I tend to get a bit wordy on political issues. Maybe you'll like John Stewart's more succinct observation: Obama "spoke to Americans as though they were adults!" What a refreshing idea.

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