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Five years later: Iraq War Facts on 5th anniversary of US invasion

Thursday, 3/20/2008

Yesterday, President Bush marked the fifth anniversary of the Iraq invasion with a speech hailing its success, calling it a "major strategic victory."

Really? OK, let's review the apparent criteria for success… by looking at the FACTS:

Financial Cost to U.S. Taxpayers:

  • As of March 2008: over $500 Billion > the facts
  • Official CBO estimates of total cost by 2017: $1.9 trillion > the facts
  • A Nobel prize-winning economist's estimate: $3 TRILLION > the facts

Military Casualties, Morale, and Readiness:

  • Nearly 4,000 US troops killed > the facts
  • Nearly 30,000 wounded > the facts
  • Suicide rate among "war on terror" veterans between two and four times higher than that of national average for non-vets > the facts
  • 88 percent of military officers say the war has stretched US forces thin, leaving the country ill-prepared for another war > the facts

Iraqi Humanitarian issues:

  • 82,000-89,000 Iraqi civilian casualties (other estimates put the figure at over 150,000 civilians killed) > the facts
  • Nearly 4 million Iraqi refugees, or 7% of the population > the facts

Iraqi Government Progress and Overall Regional Stability:

  • One year after "the surge" the Iraqi government has only met three of the 18 benchmarks > the facts
  • 58% of top U.S. foreign policy experts believe that Sunni-Shiite tensions will dramatically increase in the Middle East > the facts

Relevance To Broader "War on Terror":

  • 607% rise in average yearly global terror incidents, since the 2003 invasion > the facts
  • 84% of foreign policy experts DISAGREE with the statement "The US is winning the war on terror" > the facts

So that's what a "major strategic victory" looks like? I guess the majority of the American public has got it wrong, then. Good thing the Bush/Cheney administration doesn't care about public opinion (or, apparently, the facts) in the first place.

OK - so clearly, ENOUGH with them. Who's next?

The options being offered to us:

(I didn't forget anybody, did I?)

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