What and Who

luispunchy.com is the personal web site of web designer David Gowrie. Building sites with web standards is my thing and (almost) pays the bills.

WebModia is my web design and development business.

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Where Next?


Web Design Projects & Work Portfolio

My formal portfolio site is still in the works (been a bit too busy with real projects - gotta pay them bills!) LIVE! - but below is a smattering of some of my more recent web design work and current projects. Featured projects include contract work performed for other agencies.

My work conforms with W3C recommendations. By and large, the sites listed below were designed with Web Standards, utilizing semantic XHTML markup and pure CSS for presentation. However, some sites may have been altered by clients after delivery.

If you'd like to discuss how I can help you with a web design project, please contact me. I will generally reply to your message within 24 hours unless I'm horribly swamped.

Recently completed web design projects

Current and upcoming personal projects

I'll update this page as frequently as I can. New and interesting prospects are on the horizon!

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